Boufé Cafe at Phoenix Park

A sunday well spent brings a week of content.

Hubby and I were always looking forward to spend weekends productively or at least explore something new. Thanks to google, anything can be searched to which and where we can go. So, we found Boufé.

Boufé is a combination concept of BOUtique and ca… Alright. I thought it was a cafe that offers buffet! 😂

Despite of its secluded location, people are coming one after another continuously.

The staff here were so friendly and cheerful. We were welcomed with a big smile. They were efficient and fast.

I love the ambience here too – sort of minimalistic, blending simplicity and serenity, sleek, clean and chic.

For nature-lover this place is perfect! Surrounded by lush greenery trees whilst sitting on a swing and being serenaded by the birds chirping.

Hubby’s favorite coffee is cappuccino and it is best paired with cheesecake.

I am tea-lover and I would always go for decaffeinated tea. It’s my first time to try the mangosteen and pear tea. They say before you even taste a cup of tea, take a deep inhale and formulate an initial impression based soley on the tea’s fragrance. Sit back and contemplate what you experience. Don’t try to “taste” the tea yet, concentrate only on what you smell. So, I did. The aroma was soothing and relaxing. It taste so good!

Of course, it’s a snack time so I had this yogurt- Boufé Honey Granola.. (homemade granola topped with honey, paired with Greek-style yogurt, mixed with blueberries and pomegranate, strawberries, sliced of fresh mango and almond nuts!) I’ve got something to try on at home for breakfast.. yes!

Overall, it was a Sunday delectable well spent here at Boufé Cafe.

Indeed a great place for girlfriends to hang out, or for lovers and couples weekend date.


Boufe Boutique Cafe: 308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park #01-01 Singapore 247974  | Opening Hours: (Mon- Fri) 8am- 7pm, (Sat – Sun) 9am – 7pm | Tel:+65 6734 7656 | Website | Facebook

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