Greendot at Northpoint

…helping people take care of and love themselves.

If you’re running out of time to prepare for your dinner and only choice is to take away yet trying to avoid the conventional fast-food. You have to consider Greendot.

Initially, I came to this Asian-fusion casual dining restaurant because of its name Greendot. My first impression was like “oh selling healthy food”. No idea what type of food they are selling because my focused was to buy salad only.

Until I came here for many times now, especially on lunch time. My favourite is Bento set meal. And sometimes when I got no time to prepare for dinner – I also “tapao”.

Alright, let me share with you a funny story. While getting my order I was asking what kind of food they have on display, then auntie told me, “it is a meat-free”. I was surprised as I keep avoiding rendang, sweet & sour nuggets & the one I thought then was cereal chicken or shrimp.

Right away, checked their website and menus too. I was astonished to find out that Greendot is indeed selling only vegetarian food.

They uses soya, mushroom and konyyaku (has almost no calories, but is very high in fiber. Thus, it is often used as a diet food) to fill you with wholesome goodness.

Also, uses premium Chinese herbs and mushroom seasoning to oomph your tastebud without any MSG.

To complete a balanced meal they have options for carbohydrates load, such as brown rice and more fiber from freshly cut fruits and green veggies.

A nutritious, well-balanced meal prepared lovingly the way like our mothers do, so that you can eat green, feel good. – Greendot

Greendot make it easy for people to take that first step to go meat-free and MSG- free at affordable price!

If you think that vegetarian food is bland – try Greendot to make your impression definitely wrong.

Good news, they also offer food delivery and also available in food panda.

Connect with Greendot:

Website | Facebook | Instagram |Tel: +65 67026621

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