The Best Kept Secret Binurong Point

They say it’s best to trek at sunrise. But I think anytime of the day is best to be here at the hill. It was in the afternoon. The sun started to peep up from the horizon while we started to trek up for about 20-30 minutes. Full of excitement, then we eventually rose from the woods revealing in front of us the best view of the Pacific Ocean. It was a feeling of exhilaration with some fear of the high stone cliffs and the ravaging ocean from below.

The view was overwhelming. All my senses were totally in awe – the sun, the sea, the sky, the waves, the hills. It was windy and it was just so perfect! I had to pause for a moment just to digest everything my eyes were marveling at. Yes, I was finally here at Binurong Point!

Gently undulating, steep, grassy knoll, rocky scree slope and springy turf of moss. The hills are a patchwork of green made even more varied by the shadows of passing clouds.

The sun peeked above the horizon, causing yellow streaks to cut into the awakening sky. The sea was clothed in a million shimmering stars that twinkled whenever the next wave came. Blue; blue was everywhere, it covered the ocean’s surface and traveled up into the sky for as far as the eye could see.

It is the perfect place for photography, not only landscape photography but a nice place for high fashion photo shoot with the beautiful rocks at the background. Nevertheless, we came here to enjoy the moment and the wonderful Creations!

As the sun is setting, the sky is becoming a pleasant bluish purple colour and the first few stars start to become visible, in a way which seems as though they are peeking around a corner, appearing slowly at first then slowly becoming brighter, a beacon of hope and happiness indeed!

Locals call the place “Binurong” because they usually bring the fishes they caught to that place and they “buro”, means preserve food by salting. Also, “Binurong” is a Bicol word which means “to be healed”.

How to get there…

From the town proper, it’s about an hour drive to Baras and another 30 minutes trekking up to the hill of Binurong.


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❤️EdShay 📍2016

2 responses to “The Best Kept Secret Binurong Point”

  1. rachelsouthgate Avatar

    Awesome post! Would love to visit! I’m just starting out with writing about travel but I’ve got not many likes or follows so would love it if you could check out my profile! Thanks! 😊


  2. Thank you Rachel. You are most welcome to visit my home country.


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