Easter Sunday in the Countryside

Nothing beats the beauty of simplicity, peace and quiet countryside lifestyle.

A stark contrast to the concrete jungle, the countryside is a place of peace and nature. While it may not be a place where you’ll be able to find excitement or fancy stores, it’s a great place to relax quietly and enjoy the natural side of life.

Ed and I have both grown up in countryside. We both love nature, laid-back lifestyle and we always long for country roads to reconnect to our inner self. There’s something about the way mountains, meadows and farms stretch out over vast landscapes that soothes the soul.

On our Easter holiday back home, we got the chance to go around and enjoy the beauty of nature in the neighboring towns of Virac.

Driving to Baras took us about 1h 18 min (40.6 km) via Catanduanes Circumferential Road and another 24 min to Talisoy (12.1 km).

Talisoy Beach…where you can see the face of Jesus
Pajo River/Bridge
Pajo Bridge
Pajo River
Aurora Blvd. Pier
Breathtaking view of Pacific Ocean at PAGASA Weather Station in Bato
Buenavista Bato
One of the top surfing destinations in the country today is Puraran in Baras
Bato Church, built with mortar and coral limestones
Rice Field (to Baras town)
Mountains to Puraran
Papaya here are scattered everywhere for FREE.
The Palm Trees
The Bato Bridge
The Town of Virac
The town is surrounded by mountain ranges

If you’ve recently found yourself stressed, on edge, or just generally exhausted and unhappy, you may need to take a look going to countryside and become more laid-back.

From the daring cliffs at PAGASA weather station, to the simplicity of Virac town and strolling in an adorable Talisoy beach, let the countryside take you home in a way you haven’t been in a long time. Winding rural roads soothe the mind, body and soul, while teaching travelers the lessons of endurance, patience and simple joys.

Much love,

Shay ❤️

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