It’s more than Surfing in Baler

Just 5 hours away from Manila, it offers many activities and exciting attractions that you will surely enjoy in Baler.

Baler is well-known as a surfing spot to most tourists. But did you know that there is so much more to this beautiful town than just surfing?!

A weekend getaway or a three day 2, nights trip is an ideal visit to see and experience most of Baler’s famous tourist spots and attractions. Keep on scrolling, and allow me to share Baler’s most popular attractions and the best things to do!

Take a morning walk in Baler hanging bridge.

Fresh from a five-hour of uneventful bus ride from Manila, we arrived at Baler at 6AM and had breakfast in carenderia just in front of the Baler monument.

Right after our breakfast, we headed straight to Baler Hanging Bridge. It was in January so the weather was just nice – windy and cool.

Drop by and learn The Story of Ermita Hill.

We continue our journey to our next destination—the Ermital Hill. As the story goes, a great storm came and a huge wave called “tromba marina” washed out the old settlement in Baler, Aurora. The old town was known as Barrio Sabang. It was believed that the known survivors were the statue of people who seem to be a family helping each other to climb on top of Ermita Hill. If you get to see Ermita Hill, you will then realize how strong the survivors were because Ermita Hill is an elevated spot where you get to see an overlooking view of the whole Baler Bay.

The famous statue of the survivors of tsunami. (Ermita Hill, Baler)

Get your camera ready at Baler’s Hidden Spot Perfect – Diguisit Beach.

Just a few minutes away from Baler town proper, this hidden escape for beach bummers will only cost you a few hundred pesos. With its shores facing north west, it’s the perfect spot for those looking forward to some opportunity for photo sessions at sunrise or sunset. So get those camera smiles ready!

Take a quick dip at Diguisit Falls.

Surely you will never miss seeing this natural landmark, being clearly visible from the road. It is located just opposite of Diguisit beach, between the famous Dimadimalangat Rock formations and Aniao islets.


Take a quiet moment at Aniao Beach.

If you wanted some peace and just get away from the hustle of the city this is the place to stay. It was the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy nature. You can have meals, coffee or beer by the beach, with the waves as music and stars as backdrop.


Drop by at Baler Fish Port.

On our way back to Sabang we decided to drop by and see the Baler Fish Port. Baler Port is situated along the coast of Cemento Beach. This is where ships take on or discharge cargo from the nearby towns and provinces and where local fishermen unload their fresh catch of saltwater fish and other sea foods. As of now, few ships dock in this harbor since locals and tourists preferred to take a trip on land as Pacific Ocean oftentimes gets rough during typhoon and storm signals.


The next day, we had the triple combo adventure — Ampere Beach in Dipaculao, Millennium Tree in Maria Aurora and Mother Falls in San Luis.

Take a pose at the picturesque scenery of Ampere Beach.

We were taken briefly to the magnificent scenery offered by the so-called Ampere Beach. It is located in Dipaculao which is almost an hour away from Baler. Topographically, Ampere Beach is not a kind of beach where people can go for a swim but the site is something you can marvel.

Explore the enchanting Balete Tree.

The 600-year old Balete Tree in the town of Maria Aurora (next to Baler), towers more than five stories high. It is said that it would take 60 people holding hands with arms outstretched to encircle it. Locals claim that it’s the largest tree of its kind in Asia. Though it hasn’t quite lived up to its moniker yet, it’s been dubbed “The Millennium Tree” and is now the province of Aurora’s most visited attraction. It was surreal if you ask me. But what is even more fascinating is being able to enter and climb inside and up the innards of the tree.


The longest banana I have seen in my entire life. This is located opposite of the Balete Tree.

Find a gem in the midst of the mountain — Ditumabo Falls.

It’s known as Mother Falls, simply because it is the grandest of all waterfalls located in the vicinity, a majestic natural attraction of Baler, Aurora. Geographically speaking, Mother Falls is situated in the town of San Luis, a neigboring town of Baler, specifically in Barangay Ditumabo, where the waterfalls got its name.

But getting to Ditumabo Falls is not a walk in the park. From Baler, one needs to ride a tricycle or a van to get to Barangay Ditumabo and trek for approximately an hour to see the waterfalls. It is not an easy trek, it involves river crossings and the trail is generally rough and rocky (and quite slippery specially after the rain), but it is one rewarding trek.

Visit Doña Aurora’s House.

Dona Aurora is a pillar in Aurora’s history, so much so that the province was named after her. The wife of late President Manuel L. Quezon has been revered by locals for her commitment to goodwill and humanitarian efforts.

She was the first ever chairman of Red Cross, and as first lady, helped build learning centers. To celebrate her life, her ancestral home has been turned into a heritage site.


Stop by and pray at Baler Catholic Church.

Also known as San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish, the most iconic tourist spot in town. The Baler Catholic Church serves to be a testament to the strength of Baler and its locals. The subject of the 2008 movie “Baler”, the church was the site of the Siege of Baler wherein 54 Spanish soldiers refused to surrender to the Americans even after the war ended.

Dubbed as the “Last Spanish Garrison”, the rebels took refuge in the church for close to a year, before raising the white flag in 1899 after suffering from starvation and disease.


Explore and learn at Museo de Baler.

Baler is a significant part not only of Philippine history but also of the world. And at Museo de Baler you’ll learn how important this town is.

Built in 2002, the museum features exhibits that showcase the over 400-year history of the Aurora municipality. Artifacts, art pieces, and documents dating back to the Spanish era are housed in the museum.

Take a mandatory pose in Baler Monument.

The town plaza is the center of everything in Baler. Huge standees that spell out “Baler” welcome tourists to the Aurora municipality, while the 400 years monument stands in the middle as a reminder of the historic 400 years of Baler.

From the center, you can see several of focal Baler tourist spots — all within walking distance. Several monuments and statues also pay homage to heroes and historic events of the country.


Try and learn surfing.

Tried surfing at Sabang Beach for the first time. It’s a good place to start practicing surfing. Waves are very friendly and if ever you lose balance, you’ll still be able to land your feet touching the sand below. You can hire surfboards and instructors abound within the vicinity, so no hassle of bringing your own boards.

Just chill and unwind at Costa Pacifica.

The location of Costa Pacifica is perfect. It’s right on the beachfront, with a surf school hut beside it. If you don’t fancy a dip in the roaring waves, then you can chill out in the swimming pool which is also along the beachfront, kept separate from the boardwalk by plants and palm trees. The main entrance of the resort and lobby are also directly across (literally, a one-minute walk) from the popular Groundswell Café, which sells cute, locally-sourced products like surfwax and gear, bikinis, beachwear and surf maps as well as yummy homemade treats and nice handicrafts.

Cliche as it is but time really passes unnoticed when one is having fun, specially outdoors. We ended the day in the comfort and luxury of Costa Pacifica Resort in Sabang. With its great location, world class facilities and amenities, elegantly designed rooms and aesthetically enticing interior, it is without a doubt, the best resort in town. And for us, nothing beats the comfort of staying in the resort after a tiring day outdoor.

Overall, Baler is definitely NOT just for surfers. There’s more to explore in Baler and its neighboring towns. What are the places have you visited in Baler, Aurora? Please feel free to share your adventure in the comment box below.


This travel was made possible by JRC-SG Travel & Tours. Contact them for travel packages and promos.

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