The Practical Travel Packing List

Regardless if you’re the planner or more of a carefree traveller, there comes a point when you need to make sure you’ve got the most practical things tucked away in that little suitcase of yours. Here’s my practical travel list that might be helpful to you too!

#1 Pack some Supplements to boost your energy!

HealthPak is number one on my list! You can’t travel if you are unwell physically!

Great overall health starts from a foundation of great nutrition. In a world of fast food and pre-packaged meals, an advanced nutritional supplement can help fill the gaps. And by taking those supplements twice a day, you can help ensure your cells are nourished all day, every day. With convenient AM and PM packets of supplements, HealthPak makes it easy for you to get the right nutrition your cells need to thrive.

Probiotic should always in my pouch whenever I go on holiday. Sometimes you might feel like your gut is a war zone. And in a manner of speaking, it is — it’s the place where the fight for good health can be won or lost.

Diarrhea is common to travellers; so better yet love your gut, otherwise you won’t enjoy your holiday if you’re having gut discomfort.

#2 Pack Some Medical Supplies

You don’t need to bring your first aid cabinet. A few items will do: a travel first aid kit will usually contain band aids, antiseptic wipes, bandages, gauze, small scissors and tape/pins.

Also, you have to be always prepared; some medical supplies are recommended to bring along with your first aid kit.

  • Imodium (for any tummy upsets from new foods)
  • Paracetamol (for pain & fever relief)
  • Anti-inflammatory medication (for when your muscles hurt after that hike or had days trekking)
  • Bug Spray
  • Cold and Flu Tablets/Lozenges
  • Antihistamines/Allergy medication

#3 Basic Skin Care Products

Our skin is a big deal – literally. It’s the largest organ in the body and one of the most complicated. It has many roles in the maintenance of life and health, but also has many potential problem.

When you book a trip, you likely pick somewhere with a different climate than what you live in for a new experience. That means you may want to think about tailoring your skin care routine based on where you’re going. For example, if you tend to use a rich moisturizer but you’re vacationing somewhere hot and humid, it could be a good idea to switch to a lightweight moisturizer with a matte finish to help prevent your skin from becoming overly greasy.


I use Celavive as my personal skin care:

  • Sunscreen (Sunblock)
  • Facial wash
  • Toner
  • Day cream/Night Cream/ Moisturizer
  • Eye-cream
  • Serum
  • USANA (coconut) Lip gloss

Basic skin care products particularly sunscreen is recommended to protect your skin from exposure to UV rays. Broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must year-round, rain or shine. When you spend time in the sun without wearing protection, this can lead to damage, which can show up as visible signs of aging down the road, like dark spots and wrinkles.

#4 Simplify Your Travel Clothing

Regardless of whether we’re traveling somewhere warm or cold, the most minimalist version of my packing list for clothes will be:

  • 1 pair of black pants
  • 1 shorts OR yoga pants
  • 2 shirts for hubby, 2 singlet for me
  • Sweater and/or jacket (both if I’m going somewhere with below-freezing temperatures)
  • 3 pairs of underwear for me and hubby plus 6 pcs of disposable undies
  • 1 extra bra (usually a versatile sports bra)
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Bathing suit (though hubby will just bring 1 pair of shorts that he wears normally and swims in)
  • 1 extra pair of running shoes — for hubby and a pair of slippers for both of us (I always try to get away with one comfortable pair of black sandals or one comfortable pair of black boots. My extra pair of shoes will typically just be sneakers for hikes or workouts)
  • 1 or 2 maxi dress (depends on the location) for night bar hopping

#5 Travelling Documents, of course!

Make sure you have organized the following documents at least a week before your trip.  I usually make an itinerary so everything is in one document only in one envelope or travelling kit.

  • Passport/visa(s)
  • Personal ID/Student ID card
  • Cash and credit/debit card(s) – Call your credit card companies before you travel to inform them of your travel and try to carry 1 debit card and 2 different credit cards in separate bags/pockets/travel wallet in case one gets stolen/damaged.
  • Frequent flyer card(s) and other loyalty program card numbers (it’s best if you can find one program and stick with it instead of jumping between them – which is what I do!)
  • Travel insurance information (if any)
  • Reservations, itineraries or pre-printed boarding pass – try and keep an electronic copy of all documents too.
  • Hotel and/or tour contact information
  • Transportation tickets (plane, train, bus, car, etc.)
  • Emergency contacts and important addresses

#6 Electronics and Gadgets

In terms of electronics, the most minimalist version of my packing list is traveling with just:

  • Phone
  • Charger
  • Headphones (which we seldom use)
  • Camera (sometimes)

#7 Other miscellaneous 


I bring extra items such as sun-glasses, hat, sling/summer bag or water proof bag which can easily be packed in my luggage. A personal lightweight towel, toothbrush and small toothpaste are considered even when you are checking in to fancy hotels. Lastly, an inspirational book is definitely inside my bag.

To me, practical packing is being minimalist; it means focusing on experiences, not consumption, and being satisfied with what you’re able to fit into a single day, rather than trying to do too much. Minimalist packing also means spending modestly and skipping the souvenirs we’ll never touch again.

What’s inside your suitcase?

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