Mama’s Embrace

Every birth story is unique. It was on Thursday dawn, during Simbang Gabi in 1982 when a healthy little one was brought into this world. The number six and youngest in the family. She was 39 when she gave birth to this child.

Her family and neighbors were excited of her birth and so she was named after the famous local celebrity then.

She knew that she gave life to a child who God created to be unique, and He wired for a unique purpose.

I was never an accident! I was created to live a purpose. My entire being, shape — the spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences God gave me — reveals my purpose here on earth.

The Scriptures reveal that when God designed a plan for life, He used careful and loving advanced planning.

I couldn’t thank her enough for bringing me into this world, for carrying me in her womb for nine months, enduring the indescribable pain during labor and for giving a deep breath and pushing so I would come out.

I can imagine my Mama’s first glance on me. Nothing can capture the total magic of it especially the moment when I laid on her chest. That was the greatest embrace.

A 2 year-old innocent child

Growing up, I have seen how hardworking she was. I know how my Mama sacrificed everything – she worked so hard for the family to provide everything that we need. She is the strongest person I know until today. If not for her resiliency, mental toughness and confidence – the six of us wouldn’t survived.

Someone said, “for every person, there is a mother behind who fostered her child’s sensibilities to their full potential.” I couldn’t agree more – one of most powerful teachers in the hands-on laboratory of everyday living is a mother. Of all their many attributes it has everything to do with the tenderness and toughness, the compassion and conscientiousness of the heart. There is nothing quite comforting as having our mother’s arm wrapped around us when we are sad, lonely, or afraid. That’s what you call Mama’s embrace. An embrace of confidence.

MaMa taught me to have confidence and belief. She always believe in my full potential! She’s always optimistic – I never heard a single word that I can’t or she can’t. She would always say, “you can do it or try it first”. She would always affirm me with confidence that I am beautiful and I am a bright child. When I was sick she would always say “you are already healed”. When I was afraid of the dark or ghost, she would always say, “be afraid of the intruders or murderers but never of ghost, dark or even of the barking dogs”. Her words are always reassuring and comforting.

She’s never a perfect mother, but she did everything to be one. She gave her life to us. And today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, I wanted to tell the whole world because she deserves nothing but the best.

Words are not enough to thank you, Ma. For all you do and all you are, we love you.

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