The Giant’s Causeway

Legend has it that the giant, Fionn MacCumhail (also known as Finn McCool) was having problems with a Scottish giant called Bennadonner on the other side of the ocean. In a fit of rage, Finn throws parts of the Antrim coast into the sea so he can walk across the path and teach Bennadonner a lesson. A huge mistake. Literally huge. Bennadonner is massive, way bigger than Finn. Realising his mistake, Finn turns and runs back to Ireland. The angry Scot chases after him! Finn runs back home and his wife thinks up a brilliant plan. She dresses Finn up in a baby’s clothes and puts him in a cradle. The cradle is buckling under Finn’s weight!Bennadonner reaches the house and demands to know where Finn is. Finn’s smart wife tells him that the baby’s father is out hunting. Bennadonner sees the baby and thinks that if the baby was this big, how big would the father be?! Finn’s wife tells him that Finn would be back soon. Without a word, Bennadonner runs back to Scotland, breaking the path behind him, so Finn wouldn’t follow, creating the Giant’s Causeway! Do you believe this story? Some say the beautiful, almost perfectly hexagonal basalt pillars were caused by a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago. I personally prefer the giant’s story!

These are the awe inspiring hexagonal-shaped pillars in the Giant’s Causeway

Anyways, whatever the origin of the Giant’s Causeway in the beautiful Irish county of Antrim, it was an amazing experience to see the tall green cliffs and the people standing atop them and the hexagonal interlocking pillars at various heights. There are also trails that you can follow along the cliff edge and beside the seashore, though sadly we didn’t get to go up on the cliffs and look at the view. We only had the time to scale the basalt pillars and look out over the ocean, although it was still a lot of fun looking for mini landmarks, like the Wishing Chair and the Giant’s Gate! The Giant’s Causeway is a scenic location and the perfect backdrop for your pictures on social media and to look back on the years to come. I won’t spoil all the details so you can go and see it for yourself! By Dana

My niece (the girl in the bottom right) actually wrote this blog!

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