One Summer Day in Fanad Head Lighthouse

I love to stand before the majestic view of the ocean. The ocean exudes power; its shore is a gateway, a place where the aquatic and terrestrial worlds collide. The cliff we stood on seemed as old as Abraham.

As I look at the vast infinite blue ocean I could only imagine that at the very edge of the horizon there is nothing, only the place where the sun, moon and stars hide until they make their glorious debut. The horizon seemed to be stitched with a silver line. The seagulls were squawking over the ocean. Winds blow persistently, it carry the scent of the ocean; the pungent salty air causes some stings on my face and despite this yet it’s so relaxing and invigorating. It is here, at the cliff, in this lighthouse, that one can lose themselves completely to everything except that moment!

It was heaven. So divine, I don’t think I have felt so restored to myself, so at ease and at peace. I felt like the place was all mine! All I could do is to embrace the moment, watch everything that my naked eyes can see and appreciate the emotions of Mother Nature. The hypnotic dance of waves and its sounds brought me to a place that can only be described as marvelous. I just couldn’t explain. You should visit and feel what I have experienced.

Standing between idyllic Lough Swilly and sandy Mulroy Bay in County Donegal, Fanad Head Lighthouse has been voted one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world. There is no doubt. The moment you approach Fanad Lighthouse you will absolutely be mesmerised by its exquisite beauty.

It might sound like a romantic place and yes, you can actually rent the place for special occasion. This magnificent working lighthouse is now a hugely popular get away from it all self-catering holiday destination and even a wedding destination. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay overnight but there’s always a next time.

You can give yourself a plenty of time to explore this coastal corner and book a ticket for guided tour.

The story behind this lighthouse…

©️by Aerial Vision NI
©️by Aerial Vision NI

It is one of 70 lighthouses (sea light not harbour light) operated by the Commissioners of Irish Lights around the coast of Ireland and continues to provide a vital role in maritime safety until today. It was said that, one of the most technologically advanced ships (SS Laurentic) in the British navy, hit two mines in 1917 just at the entrance to Lough Swilly. The ship quickly sank with the loss of over 300 lives. Her secret cargo of 3,211 gold bars worth £5 million (or over €410 million today) was also lost. That’s one of the reasons why until today divers still have hope to find the missing 22 gold bars in the shipwreck.

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