Slieve League Cliffs: An Ultimate Experience

If you’d ask me what was my reaction when I got here and as I had set foot in the wilderness of Sliabh Liag – I’m utterly astonished with what I saw! I stood aghast at the sight of the waves crashing on the rocks below.

On a beautiful sunny day, we drove to Sliabh Liag (Irish) but sometimes Slieve League (English), a mountain on the Atlantic coast of County Donegal, Ireland. At about 600m, is considered as one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe, almost twice as high as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and nearly three times the height of the more famous Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. Though higher than the Cliffs of Moher, the Slieve Liag cliffs are sloping rather than sheer precipices, so it’s easier and safer to walk along the edge of the cliffs.

How to get there?

Past Teelin village, follow the road until you get to the car park. You can park there, and walk up the road, about a mile (1.7 km) through a set of gates (as a general rule, always close such gates behind you as they’re meant to keep livestock from straying) up the small, winding road through sheep pastures. Or, you can drive up the road, and park at the upper car park if there’s space. Here, there’s a large viewing platform. There are also benches to sit and enjoy the views and picnic tables to perhaps enjoy a picnic whilst taking in the scenery. Though every aspect of the Cliffs is perfect angle to photograph but the most famous way is from the Bunglas Viewpoint. From the top you can look out across Donegal Bay all the way to County Sligo and beyond. There are a number of lakes on the way to the summit, and at the base there is a small beach of pure white sand. The beach is only approachable by boat.

To the carpark
At the carpark facing the Atlantic Ocean
They welcomed us on our way to the viewpoint 😂

The story behind…

Sliabh Liag was also the site of a Christian pilgrimage for more than a 1,000 years, although it’s believed to have been a sacred place long before the Christians arrived. Given the landscape’s rich history, there is a lot you can learn at the visitor centre, where you’ll also get a taste of the local food, culture and unique sense of humour. You can explore more about the place through the guided tour.

Way to the summit

When you visit Ireland and include Donegal in your itinerary, you must include Sliabh Liag in your bucket list. One of the most stunning God’s creation in Ireland. The sheer vastness of the Sliabh Liag experience will surely blow you away!

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