Cork City Marathon 2019

The Ultra/Marathon Runner and The Cheerleading Wife! It describes US perfectly.

This is my first blog about my hubby’s marathon. Something extra special as our (yes 😂 that includes me) first ever marathon experience in Europe, in Ireland particularly, and in cool weather — though month of June is already summer yet temperature was ranging from 10-14C.

Ed started his interest in running 10 years ago and he actively joined ultra/marathon races when we moved in Singapore whilst I have my own passions and interests, one is cheering him up! 🤪 I know he’s lucky to have me, because I am an avid supporter. I wake up at dawn, prepares everything he needed, go to bed early on the night before, supports his love for running shoes and other running gears and I also accompany him to collect the bib, squeezes myself in the crowd, carries a pack of clothes and slippers, gets lost and finds the way to finish line! Lastly, I can tolerate those musty wet socks! 😂

It was raining on the night before the Cork City Marathon. He’s thinking not to push through if the rain continues the following day. Though we’re unsure, still, we prepared and packed up things so anytime he’s ready to go.

Thanks, God, the weather cooperated in this event. “‘Tis is my first marathon in Ireland,” he said with conviction and excitement.

While he’s running, I was waiting at the coffee shop, checking his progress on the live GPS and every now and then I was calling him, of course to cheer him up and to make sure everything was going alright!

At 30k he experienced muscle cramps on both legs which caused him to slow down. Kudos to the volunteers along the road who gave some fruits and water to runners.

He made it! He finished the race despite the obstacles — the muscle cramps, cool weather and dehydration.

After running double digit miles, the last thing he would always ask is “where are we going to eat?”. And he want it NOW! No chance to wait. So I’d make sure I have already searched the best place for us to celebrate! Definitely a pint of beer would be at the top of his mind.

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