Fall in St. Stephen’s Green

In the centre of Dublin, you can find a natural oasis in the form of St Stephen’s Green. Elegantly landscaped, this rectangular 22 acres park is filled with bright colours during the autumn season making it a stunning backdrop for a walk. It’s the ideal place when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre, whether just for an hour or a whole day.

The park is adjacent to one of Dublin’s main shopping streets, Grafton Street, and to a shopping centre named for it, while on its surrounding streets are the offices of a number of public bodies, some of the city’s most visited indoor attractions as well as a stop on one of Dublin’s Luas tram lines.

Make sure to explore every corner of the park because there are number of interesting facts and views:

  • One of the enthralling aspects of the park can be found on the north-west corner is a garden for visually impaired; with scented plants, which can withstand handling, and are labelled in Braille.
  • Further north again (and spanning much of the length of the park) is a large lake. Home to ducks and other water fowl, the lake is fed by an artificial water fall, spanned by O’Connell bridge, and fronted by an ornamental gazebo. The lakes in the park are fed from the Grand Canal at Portobello.
  • To the south-side of the main garden circle is more open heath surrounding a bandstand, and often frequented by lunching students, workers and shoppers on Dublin’s sunnier days.
  • And for the family with kids, there’s also a playground.

Apart from its beautiful landscape, the park features several sculptures of the people who contributed to the evolution of the park:

The Fusiliers Arch
Edward Delaney memorial to the Great Famine
A statue of Robert Emmet
Bust of James Joyce
Three fates statues

Please note St. Stephen’s Green closes according to daylight hours.

Have you visited St. Stephen’s Green yet? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

2 responses to “Fall in St. Stephen’s Green”

  1. You have just made my day! Our lovely pictures remind me of the good times I have when I used to live in Dublin. St. Stephen’s Green was one of my favourite places in Dublin 💛🍁


  2. Thank you. I had a wonderful time in St. Stephen’s Green indeed.


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