Be Grateful When Life is Tough

How to be grateful and strong when things go wrong?

There are times when we may feel like we cannot be grateful about anything in our lives. Losing a job or feeling burned out can contribute to one’s negative attitude. Experiencing financial losses or not being able to make ends meet can hurt deeply. Enduring physical or mental health challenges can drive us to feel hopeless. Missing and losing a loved one, seeing one’s child suffer, and relationship difficulties could be additional reasons to feel apathetic.

The list can go on and it can be hard to see the goodness when we are going through difficult times. But that is when we need gratitude the most. That’s when we must go looking for it.

The research shows that it’s possible to change our perspective despite life’s abyss. We can change our mindset toward feeling more at peace with ourselves and become more grateful.

It’s not easy – but you can start with small deeds. One day at a time. Starting with small deeds and circumstances can help you see the brighter side of life. As you continue to decrease your thinking errors and connect with the people that matter, you’ll be able to endure life’s difficulties. As you do, you’ll become more resilient. You’ll be able to appreciate whatever comes your way and be grateful.

Brother David Steindl-Rast says it all comes down to a very simple formula: Stop. Look. Go. “That’s all,” he said on the TED talk. He added, “But how often do we stop? We rush through life. We don’t stop. We miss the opportunity because we don’t stop. We have to stop, we have to get quiet, and we have to build stop signs into our lives.”

Not all of us see the world with a silver lining, but a gratitude list will help you become more of a glass-half-full person. It works!

“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

– 1 Thessalonians 5:20

Gratitude works! I’ve considered keeping a gratitude journal as a perfect tool and writing down at least three things that I am grateful for the day before bedtime.

I am living in the radiant confidence that the Lord will stand by me no matter what!

2 responses to “Be Grateful When Life is Tough”

  1. I have been reading posts regarding this topic and this post is one of the most interesting and informative ones I have read. Thank you for this!
    Even during the toughest times of your life, there is still a myriad of reasons for you to be grateful. Gratitude is a way for one to have contentment in life— appreciating the little things that nurture your life. You can experience many difficult times in your life. Check my blog Reasons Be Grateful Every Day




    1. Jay Shetty once said, “It’s easy to take things for granted when you are around them all the time. It could be your family, pet or friends. The majority of relationships are transactional in life but very few are actually transformative. These relationships are the people who stand by your side no matter what. They’ll help you through the tough times and also help celebrate victories together.”


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