Mizen Head: The Most Southerly point of Ireland

Summer 2021, when we visited the very extreme edge of Ireland, where the sea meets the sky. A more or less 125km distance drive from Cork City Centre to Mizen Peninsula.

The peninsula, which is nearly an island, is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land. Cross the sky-high bridge and wander along the winding, steep staircase for one dramatic view after another. We did explore the old lighthouse and fog station for a deeper understanding of Mizen Head’s former days.

There are viewing platforms dotted throughout the great site making Mizen Head a fantastic location for not only the photo-savvy but also for those in need of some severe nature therapy.From the viewing platforms, you will see the famous 50m span footbridge and 45m above sea level connecting the Cloghan island. The footbridge built in 1908 was designed by Noel Ridley in London; it stood for nearly a century until it was reconstructed in 2010 after the deterioration of the concrete structure. The new bridge is wider

The arched bridge’s incredible design is a masterpiece and has an exciting backstory, indeed. It was chosen from many entries as part of a competition.

Interestingly, the new bridge is made from the hard stone of the cliffs and almost appears part of the environment.

As we walked through the peninsula, we were greeted by a vast array of birds. They‘re so lovely! They said if you’re lucky, you may also spy seals, dolphins, and even the occasional humpback whale. In our case, we were delighted to have glanced at the seals.

According to history, the remains of an 18th-century French warship rests more or less untouched beneath the sea.

Mizen Head is now a trendy tourist destination, but don’t fear—its immense size keeps overcrowding at bay!

For more updates, check this out. https://mizenhead.ie

Some tips for visiting Mizen Head:

1. Make sure to wear good walking shoes so that the trek remains enjoyable. Once you have explored the station, you can walk up the famous 99 steps that lighthouse keepers used for decades.

2. Dress appropriately as being a peninsula; expect it often gets windy at the site, especially in the cooler months; it can feel quite chilly.

3. And don’t miss out on exploring the nearby villages along the eastern portion of the peninsula: Crookhaven, Goleen, Schull, and Ballydehob!

It was such an incredible experience—magnificent views from every angle. We enjoyed our time here. All paths and steps are very well maintained. Lovely gift shop, and we had yummy cupcakes and coffee at the cafeteria.

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