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This blog is all about our family adventures, motherhood and our hobbies. Anything and everything that’s going on in my mind, “us” (as) we travel. We want to inspire you to make the most of your days on your adventures too, to see the world in a different light and appreciate God’s wonderful creations – hopefully after reading a few of this blog it’ll give you the desire to do something new and exciting too.

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Mizen Head: The Most Southerly point of Ireland

Summer 2021, when we visited the very extreme edge of Ireland, where the sea meets the sky. A more or less 125km distance drive from Cork City Centre to Mizen Peninsula. The peninsula, which is nearly an island, is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land. Cross the sky-high bridge and wander…

Road trip to Copper Coast

If the Wild Atlantic Way coast in Ireland is the well-known longest coastal route, there’s a best-kept secret route in Waterford known as the Copper Coast. Probably a lesser-known destination, but it offers superb scenery. The 25-km journey from Dungarvan to Tramore is known as the Copper Coast due to the extensive copper mining industry…

The Gougane Barra Forest Park

Gougane Barra is best known for the picturesque view of a small church that lies on an island of its own, reflecting like a mirror in the lake. It must be the most photographed church in Ireland, yet a magical place surrounds it. Situated in the beautiful county of Southwest Cork, the Gougane Barra Forest…

Summer Getaway amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Summer is perhaps Ireland’s most awaited season of the year, albeit Irish weather can be pretty unpredictable. Temperatures can soar to 25C (77F), or they can be misty and rainy – or anything in between. And yet – summer months have the most extended daylight (sometimes up to nearly 18 hours), with some of the…

I Kept Quiet About My Pregnancy

You’re dying to tell the world, but you want to wait till you pass the 12-week milestone. Waiting till the end of the first trimester is increasingly common, as this period is usually the highest risk period for any pregnancy complications. But the emotions can be extra complicated for someone like me who found out…

“In order to write about life first you must live it.”– Ernest Hemingway

These are some of our favourite adventures

El Nido: Heaven On Earth

There are some places you visit and can’t decide whether you want to scream them to the world or keep them secret because they’re just perfect for sharing. And El Nido is one of those places.

A Five-Day Vacation in Coron

Coron is one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations. This unspoiled haven offers uncrowded white-sand beaches, crystal clear water, hidden lagoons, amazing mountaintop views and fascinating dive sites. Where to Stay? If you’re planning an active vacation with lots of adventures, then you should stay in any of the hotels in Coron town, which…

5 Best Things To Do in Krabi

Krabi is one of the most favourite holiday destinations in Thailand; famous for craggy, sheer limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests, and more than a hundred offshore islands. According to locals, the best time to visit is between November and April as the weather in the Southern Thailand can be unpredictable but with many places now…

Throwback: Boracay 2013

Whenever I mentioned I’ve been to Boracay, the first question was: ‘Did you party a lot?’. Apparently, Boracay is the Philippines’ party destination, but I was blissfully unaware of that (until I got there). As the saying goes, “What happens in Boracay stays in Boracay!”

Adventure in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a relatively undeveloped island south-east of mainland Bali. In fact, Nusa Penida is part of Nusa Islands often wrongly thought of as being part of Bali. The Nusa Islands are actually located in a different regency but you can easily visit them via a thirty to forty-five minutes ferry ride from Sanur…

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