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The Us We Travel is a family lifestyle blog where stories about motherhood, travels and food are shared.

Hi! Thank you for visiting our space. My name is Shay, and I love cooking, spending the day at the beach and reading a good book. I’m a perfectly imperfect mom to JC and a wife to my best travel buddy Ed. This blog is about our life filled with adventures. You’ll find a bit of everything: stories, photos, essential information and tips on the life experiences and places we’ve visited.

Why we created this blog

We are a couple originally from the Philippines who lived in Singapore for eight years and migrated to Ireland.

We dream of setting foot on every continent, celebrating life, meeting adorable strangers and learning about new cultures.

We’ve set up this blog to document our travel experiences, collection of memories, gastronomic adventures, and reflections and stories of life. We want to inspire you to live your best life, be more adventurous, try new things, discover off the beaten path places and provide you with the best tips for your next trip.

We write the good and the bad of the places we visit; we think it’s important both for ourselves (and our memories) and for readers of this blog, some of whom may be looking to follow in our footsteps.

We hope our blog helps and inspires you. In turn, we appreciate any feedback or ideas! Please don’t leave without becoming our insider!

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